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Long Beach Business Law Attorneys

Starting and operating a business is a major investment of time, money, and energy. When you choose a lawyer to represent your business in legal matters, you need to be certain that the one you choose respects what you have put into your business. You need someone who is willing to dedicate themselves to the success of your case the same way you have dedicated yourself to the success of your business. The business law attorneys at Bergkvist, Bergkvist & Carter LLP take pride in the dedication we have provided to our clients throughout our over 25 years of practice.

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We are available to assist your business with any legal situation you may encounter throughout the life of your business. We can help with:

The contract is at the heart of the business world. We have the experience necessary to assist with all contract matters, from drafting, to review, to disputes. Whether you are negotiating a purchase contract or writing an employment contract, we can help you .

Business Litigation
If you are involved in a business dispute, whether it is related to a contract, real estate , or another matter, we can help. We have the experience necessary to pursue your goals, whether it is at the negotiations table or in the courtroom.